Everyone’s a winner!

2022-05-04T11:30:06+02:0029. April 2022|
Everyone’s a winner!

Unfortunately, the kindergarten festival in Rüdenhausen, Germany, has twice been cancelled in recent years. Even more reason to celebrate that the event for children and grown-ups alike can take place again this summer. The adults are possibly looking forward to June 26 more than the kids! That’s when everything has to be organized and ready.

One such event is the ever-popular raffle run by the parents’ association. This year, parents are collecting prizes to make sure this raffle’s a big one: e-mails are being sent out to companies and freelancers paid a visit – all in the hope that people will be able to contribute giveaways or make a donation. This request was also made to Mix for Kids.

The doors of the non-profit are always open when it comes to children: parents’ association secretary Stefanie Klein left the Mix for Kids office with three bulging bags of goodies and a smile on her face. The goodies in question were colorful tins of Indian spice mixtures produced by the Kräuter Mix company, the association’s largest sponsor. The recipes for the spice mixtures come from mothers in a self-help group in an Indian shantytown, which Mix for Kids has been supporting since 2018.

All being well, the spices will boost raffle ticket sales at the kindergarten festival in Rüdenhausen. The money raised will be used to buy toys, playground equipment and Christmas presents for the children.