Donations instead of gifts

2019-12-18T10:45:04+01:0016. December 2019|

Holiday season is gift-giving season. Many companies give their customers small presents at this time of the year, but many others have abandoned the practice. Instead of spending money on gifts, they donate the amount to a non-profit organization. Markus Freund has long done so. He runs his own financial services business in Schlüsselfeld (Germany), a general agency of the Zurich Insurance Group. Shortly before Christmas, the financial advisor presented Dr. Paula Torres Londoño and Sabine Schmidbauer from Mix for Kids with a donation of 500 euros. Holiday season is giving season also for charitable donations.

An insurance and financial services provider, Markus Freund has been supporting his customers in Schlüsselfeld and the surrounding region in planning for their wishes and goals since 1991. Issued exclusively by the Zurich Insurance Group, the product portfolio he offers has expanded considerably over the years. Besides the full range of insurance products, it also includes financing and investment vehicles. With insurance solutions for just about any area and a workforce of 54,000 people in 210 countries, Zurich is one of the world’s largest insurance companies.