Donations from all around the world

2020-01-07T18:52:43+01:0014. September 2019|

Kräuter Mix celebrated its 100th anniversary, and 200 business partners from all around the world followed the invitation of the herb, spice and tea producer. Guests were treated to a varied program, with daytime events at the company premises in the German town of Abtswind and an evening event in the town hall in neighboring Wiesentheid. At one stand, guests had the opportunity to find out more about Mix for Kids and the projects supported by the non-profit association in India, Albania and Germany. Gingerbread hearts with the Mix for Kids logo were handed out as giveaways.

Kräuter Mix had already piqued people’s interest in Mix for Kids before the actual event: In the invitation to its business partners, the company asked for donations to Mix for Kids instead of gifts. The response was impressive: Numerous donations from Germany and abroad were received on the occasion of the anniversary.