Congratulations to Albania

2022-05-18T11:34:43+02:0025. March 2022|
school anniversary Albania

For 30 years now, the Don Bosco sisters have been running an educational center in Shkodra in Albania – complete with kindergarten, elementary school and high school. 400 children and young people attend the facility and are taught by 45 teachers alongside the five nuns. Everyone is welcome here: whether they are a girl or a boy, from the city or the countryside, or with a physical disability or learning difficulties.

The Don Bosco Center threw a huge party for the school’s 30th anniversary. The children, teachers and nuns were all particularly excited and happy. They were even more excited when they found out about the gift Mix for Kids arranged for them alongside their best wishes: the association funded a bicycle for the center and enabled the school choir to have professional voice and video recordings, as well as having a songbook printed.

“Thank you, Mix for Kids, for making these moments possible,” said Sister Isabel Aguilar. Mix for Kids has supported the Don Bosco Center since 2018, primarily with scholarships for children whose parents can’t afford to send them there.