Cheers for charity!

2022-12-22T11:36:38+01:0031. October 2022|
Spendenbox für Pfandflaschen

In Germany, when you buy a drink in a bottle or a can, you have the option to return it and receive your deposit back. Now, customers who return their bottles at the Rewe supermarket in Wiesentheid can instead throw their deposit voucher into a transparent plastic donation box next to the machine for returning empties. This way, customers quench their thirst while doing good for charity. Since 2021, Mix for Kids has been one of the Rewe supermarket’s chosen non-profits.

Supermarket owner Dominik Bachmeier has now emptied this year’s voucher donation boxes and totted up the total amount: “We see a huge variation in donation amounts – anything from 8 euro cents to 12 euros!” says Bachmeier. This year, the vouchers have raised an impressive 200 euros for Mix for Kids. Cheers to that!