Bringing it back to nature

2022-01-11T12:29:29+01:0021. December 2021|
forest kindergarten Wiesentheid

Wiesentheid, Germany, will soon have its very own forest kindergarten, with the doors scheduled to open in spring 2022. The kindergarten will accommodate up to twenty children aged between three and six who will spend their days outdoors in nature all year round. Come rain or shine, the children will spend five days a week in the forest playing, running around, building, and exploring together. A cabin on the edge of the forest in the Feuerbach district will serve as a hub for the children and their teachers.

To encourage the little ones’ creativity, Mix for Kids donated 15 packs of colored pencils, wax crayons and felt-tip pens in a rainbow of colors. In addition, treasurer and secretary Sabine Schmidbauer presented a selection of herbal and fruit teas for refreshment. “What a great welcome package for the forest kindergarten,” said Ulrike Schwanfelder, divisional director of the Wiesentheid kindergartens, who was delighted with the gift: “Thank you so much!”