Anniversary donation of 10,000 euros

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With 70 guests, including policymakers, administrators, media representatives and members of the extended owner family, Kräuter Mix celebrated its 100th anniversary. At the anniversary event, the managing directors, Christoph Mix, Bernhard Mix and Silke Wurlitzer, reviewed milestones in the company’s history and reported on the current projects of the Germany-based family business. Founded on 1 April 1919 as a small herb shop by Christoph Mix, the grandfather and great-grandfather of today’s managing partners, Kräuter Mix’s annual turnover stands at 115 million euros, with exports accounting for a share of over 50 percent. The company supplies industry and trade customers around the globe with dried herbs, vegetables, spices and teas.

At the same time, the successful company assumes social responsibility – in a variety of ways and in various projects, and it has done so for many years. Social commitment is an inherent part of the corporate philosophy. After the tragic death of designated managing partner Steffen Mix, Kräuter Mix initiated Mix for Kids in 2018 and has been its largest supporting member ever since. Silke Wurlitzer serves as the president of the non-profit organization, Bernhard Mix is her deputy. Further Kräuter Mix staff volunteer with Mix for Kids.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, it was a given for the Kräuter Mix management that Mix for Kids would receive a large donation: Receiving standing ovations from the guests at the anniversary celebration, Christoph Mix, Bernhard Mix and Silke Wurlitzer presented the non-profit organization with a check for 10,000 euros.