Amazement and donations

2020-06-19T12:18:38+02:0020. January 2020|

For five weeks between early December and early January, the Christmas House in Geesdorf (Germany) was once again lit up with a whole array of lamps, light strings, garlands and outdoor displays. Each evening saw a great deal of people who knew about the decorations stopping by to marvel at the Lordo family’s lovingly adorned home. Once again, a donation box for Mix for Kids was placed by the front door which by the end of the holiday season had brought in a total of 517 euros for the charity.

“We had absolutely no idea so much money would come in,” says John Lordo. In the USA where Lordo was born, festively decorated houses are not an uncommon sight, unlike in Germany. The idea of raising money for disadvantaged children and adolescents was all Rita Herold’s, John’s mother-in-law, who had come up with it last year.

The Lordos’ Christmas House also helped Mix for Kids raise a further 1,250 euros for their projects when, in late December, the association gathered for a Christmas party in front of the Lordos’ home. For a small donation, visitors could enjoy mulled wine, punch, bratwurst and cake which made the evening even sweeter for those who had come to view the Christmas house. “If our neighbors hadn’t stepped in to help, we wouldn’t have been able to cope with the huge rush,” says Birgit Lordo. “For that we are very grateful.”