All set up for video conferencing

2021-07-08T14:11:34+02:0024. May 2021|

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. But despite all the restrictions, it has actually accelerated some developments. For many employees, for example, the pandemic has brought with it working from home and the further digitalization of their work, such as through video conferencing. Likewise, private meetings are taking place at a distance via webcam. Mix for Kids’ board team has also gone online, with the team meeting virtually to coordinate the association’s work. For the very first time, even the general meeting in May 2021 was held virtually.

If you’re not ready for the whole world to know what your office or living room looks like, you can add backgrounds to your Teams or Zoom calls, as well as other platforms, for video meetings. For something a bit different and to promote a good cause, Mix for Kids offers a background in the association’s colors free of charge for virtual meetings.

Click here to download your background.