A couple with a lot on their plate

2020-08-25T09:52:25+02:007. August 2020|

For fifteen years now, Manuela and Oliver Knollmeier have been keeping busy whenever the Altenschönbach sports club (Germany) hosts youth soccer home games. They put sausages on the grill, bake pies and sell beverages to ensure that youth teams and spectators alike are well looked after off the pitch. The couple are among the club’s most loyal supporters, volunteering in their free time – every weekend in soccer season.

But that’s not all: Throughout the year, the couple tirelessly collect donations in kind for a large raffle. At tournaments in Altenschönbach there are over 2000 prizes to be won. The money from the sale of the tickets goes to the sports club’s youth fund.

Now Manuela and Oliver Knollmeier have put their skills to good use for Mix for Kids too: They donated 300 euros to aid projects in India, Albania and Germany. The money came from selling sausages at matches over one soccer season.