3,333 euros for the clown doctors

2019-12-09T10:52:31+01:0023. May 2018|

Würzburg’s clown doctors would have been just as happy to receive an even amount, but a lucky number just seemed a much better fit, so Kräuter Mix increased its annual donation to Lachtränen, a Würzburg-based clown care association in Germany, to 3,333 euros. Bernhard Mix, Managing Partner of Kräuter Mix and Deputy Chairman of Mix for Kids, presented the check to Tatjana Kapp, a.k.a. Clown Schlawine, during her visit to the company’s headquarters in Abtswind.

With a share of the amount, Kräuter Mix, a producer of herbs, spices and teas, delivered on its promise to donate 35 cents from the sale of each pack of “KinderTräumerei” fruit tea and “TraumReise” herbal tea from the LebensMix product range to the clown doctors. On the tea packs itself, the company presents the work of the clown doctors who visit children in hospitals and older people in nursing homes to spend time with them and make them smile.

Since 2014, Kräuter Mix has regularly supported the charity with donations, most recently as the largest supporting member of Mix for Kids, which is a cooperation partner of the clown doctors.