Guidelines for writing a condolence

The operator of this website requests all writers of condolences for Steffen Mix for an acceptable and respectful choice of words. Verbal attacks on other users as well as the naming or documentation of private details from the lives of other users are not tolerated.

Condolences on are not exempt from prevailing laws. It may neither be called upon nor instructed to commit criminal offences. Pseudonyms, also known as nicknames, are accepted, however, rules apply here as well (no defamatory, insulting or inflammatory nicknames).

Please do not publish private telephone numbers or addresses in the condolence. Such information can be exchanged by e-mail. Irony or similar stylistic devices increase the risk of misunderstanding. The rules of German spelling also apply to the Internet. Correct punctuation and paragraphs make it easier to read a condolence. Condolences are not intended for the dissemination of commercial advertising. Contributions of this kind will be deleted by us.

Not allowed are in particular:

  • insulting and defamatory contributions and contributions which are detrimental for business
  • calls to violence
  • racist statements
  • pornographic utterances
  • the dissemination of content inciting hatred against sections of the population or propaganda for an anti-constitutional organisation
  • other statements which are contrary to accepted principles of morality and which violate rights
  • copyright infringement, e.g. by posting works protected by copyright without the author’s consent

The condolences may contain links to other websites, however, no reference may be made to sites which violate existing laws and which are, in particular, of racist, violence-glorifying, insulting, reputation- and/or business-damaging, pornographic or immoral nature.